Sandti Golden Retrievers
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Rio - Ronjalee Rock A Fella To Sandti   JW, ShCM
Roxy - Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti  ShCM
Betty - Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti

2015 Highlights included -


Manchester 2nd RCC

1st Limit bitch - Leeds

1st Limit bitch - National Gundog

Darlington 2nd CC



1st Mid Limit Dog GRCW

1st Mid Limit Dog -  Border Union

Best In Show at Perth Open Show.

Awarded Show Certificate of Merit.



CRUFTS 2016 qualification at first show.

Placed in all her Puppy Championship show classes 12 in total.

Best Puppy In Show at Lothian Open Show

Best Puppy In Show at Angus & Kincardinshire Open Show


Saturday 14th November
Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland Championship Show
Judge : Mr Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden)
Betty, 2nd Novice Bitch
Rio, Reserve  Mid Limit Dog
Sunday 1st November
Waverley Gundog Open Show.
Judge: Mr Harry Nelson (Byeways)
Betty, 2nd Junior & 2nd Novice Bitch
Friday 23rd October
Midland Counties Championship Show
Judge : Mr Gordon Kipps
Betty, 2nd Junior Bitch
Rio, 3rd Limit Dog
Sunday 18th October
 Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District Open Show.
Judge: Mrs Jo Gerhold
Betty, 1st Junior & 3rd Graduate .
Sunday 4th October
Scottish Breeds Open Show.
Judge : Mrs Sandra Whelan ,(Sandseers)
Betty, 1st Junior & 1st Graduate Bitch.
Saturday 3rd October
GRCS Open Show.
Judge : Mrs M Robson,(Mimaro)
Rio, Reserve Open Dog
Betty, Reserve Junior & 3rd Undergraduate Bitch.
Saturday 27th September
Angus & Kincardinshire Open Show.
Judge : Mrs W McFarlane,(Bluebraes)
Betty, 1st AV Gundog Puppy ,
+ Best Puppy In Show,
Judge: Mr E Houston (Earthwise)
Sunday 20th September
Darlington Championship Show
Judge : Mrs V Foss
Roxy , 1st Limit Bitch
***+ CC (her second ) & BOB ***
Betty, 3rd Puppy, 2nd Maiden & 3rd Novice Bitch 
Saturday 12th September
Lothian Open Show.
Judge : Mrs D Warrington-Hope,(Watersdale) 
Rio, 1st Open
      Betty,1st Puppy   
+ 1st AV Gundog Puppy ,       
Judge: Mrs M Brown (Ramsayville)
+ Best Puppy In Show,
 Judge: Mr J Woodcock (Roddwood)
Sunday 6th September
 Perthshire Open Show.
Rio, 1st Open & BOB, Judge: Mrs Hilda Cochrane, (Ronhils) 
+ Group  1
Judge: Miss Mary Neil (Moloko)
Judge: Mrs Leigh Morris, (Crosscop).
Betty,  2nd Graduate, Judge: Mrs Hilda Cochrane, (Ronhils)
 + 1st AV Gundog Puppy & Best Puppy In Group, Judge: Miss Mary Neil,(Moloko)
Sunday 30th August
SKC Championship Show
Judge : Mrs A A Brown (Metkar)
Roxy , 2nd Limit Bitch
Betty, 3rd Puppy Bitch
Rio, Reserve Mid Limit Dog
Saturday 15th August, Dumfries & Galloway Open Show.
Judge: Mrs Pauline Leonard
Rio, 1st Open
Betty, 1st Puppy , 1st Junior & Best Puppy.
+ Puppy Group 4 (Mr David Alcorn).

Sunday 2nd August
National Gundog Championship Show
Judges : Dogs, Mrs Jean Taylor
Bitches, Mr M Greenwood
Roxy , 1st Limit Bitch
Betty, Reserve Puppy, Reserve Maiden & 3rd Novice Bitch
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog

Saturday 25th July
Leeds Championship Show
Judges:  Dogs, Mrs Jackie Rogerson
        Bitches, Mr Trevor B Smith
Roxy1st Limit Bitch
Rio, 3rd Mid Limit Dog
Saturday 11th July
East of England Championship Show
Judge: Mrs E.P. Hollings
Roxy, VHC Limit Bitch
Rio, VHC Mid Limit Dog
Saturday 27th June
Blackpool Championship Show
Judge:  Mrs Z Thorn - Andrews
Betty, 3rd Minor Puppy
Roxy, Reserve Limit Bitch
Rio, Reserve Mid Limit Dog

Saturday 20th June
Border Union Championship Show
Judges: Dogs, Mr Peter Drury (Bencoe)
Bitches, Mrs Carol Benson (Goldenquest)
Betty, 2nd Minor Puppy, VHC Puppy & VHC Novice Bitch
Roxy, 3rd Limit Bitch
Rio, 1st Mid Limit Dog
Sunday 14th June, GRCS Open Show.
Judge: Mrs W Pickup (Blenstone)
Roxy2nd Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Open Dog
Betty, 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch + Reserve Puppy Bitch.
Sunday 7th June
Three Counties Championship Show
Judge: Mrs G Hewitson
Betty, VHC Minor Puppy Bitch
Saturday 6th June, Dundee Open Show.
Judges: Dogs,Tamara Ignatieva - Heizemaus (Fine Art Rudgieri)
Bitches, Kistof Gryson (Of Purdy's Cottage)
Roxy, 1st Open Bitch + BOB
Rio2nd Open Dog
Betty, 2nd Puppy Bitch.

Saturday 23rd May
Bath Championship Show
Judge: Mrs S. Towers
Betty, 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog
Roxy, Reserve Limit bitch 

Friday 15th May
SKC Championship Show
Judge: Mr C.MacKay (Woodglade)
Betty, Reserve Minor Puppy Bitch
Rio, VHC Limit Dog 

Sunday 3rd May
GRCN Championship Show
Judge: Mrs R.Rains (Gunhills)
Betty, Reserve Minor Puppy & Novice Bitch.
Sunday 26th April,
West of England Ladies' Kennel Society Championship Show
Judge: Mrs Vivien Jones
Betty, 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
Sunday 5th April,
NWGRC Championship Show
Judges: Dogs, Mr B Catterall(Golmas)
Bitches, Mrs B Stokes(Jobeka)
Rio, Reserve Mid Limit Dog.
Betty, 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch + Reserve Maiden Bitch

Saturday 4th April,
GRCS Championship Show
Judges: Dogs, Miss A Cooper (Dikeadaze)
                     Bitches, Mrs M Henderson(Westervane)
Rio, Reserve Mid Limit Dog.
Betty, 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch + VHC Novice Bitch- ***first Show***

Sunday 5th April,
YGRC Championship Show
Judge: Mrs J Wild(Bluewaters)
Rio, VHC Mid Limit Dog.

Saturday 4th April,
NGRA Championship Show
Judge: Joan Maddison (Jaymardy)
Rio, Reserve Mid Limit Dog.

Sunday 28th February, SWSGA Open Show.
Judge: Ms S Wharfe (Gracewood) 
Roxy, 1st Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Open Dog + Best Dog & BOB.

Sunday 15th February, GRCW Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs S. Pounds-Longhurst 
Rio1st Mid Limit Dog

Sunday 31st January, Caledonian Open Show.
Judge: Mrs Lane-Ridyard 
Roxy, 1st Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Open Dog + Best Dog

Sunday 18th January, Manchester Champ Show.
Judge: Miss Sue Loach
Roxy2nd Limit Bitch + RCC (her 2nd).


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