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Roxy - Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti  ShCM
Rio - Ronjalee Rock A Fella To Sandti JW, ShCM
Betty - Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti

2016 Highlights included -



Magical third CC at YGRC, making her

Sh Ch Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti  ShCM








RCC at EOE, his fifth


CC at ECGRC, his second.




1st Undergraduate YGRC

1st Undergraduate GSOW

1st Graduate GBAS

Sunday 14th February
 Golden Retriever Club of Wales Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs F. Marshall
 Roxy, 2nd  Limit Bitch

Sunday 28th February
 Southern Golden Retriever Champ Show.
Judge: Mrs E. Pope 
 Roxy, 2nd  Limit Bitch

Friday 11th March
Judge: Mrs S Goodwin
 Roxy, Reserve Limit Bitch

Sunday 28th February
 South Western Golden Retriever Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Mr Martin Greenwood (Telkaro),
 Bitches : Mrs Hilary Mell (Meloak)
 Roxy, Reserve Limit Bitch.
 Betty, 2nd Junior, 2nd Special Yearling, 3rd Undergraduate 
& 2nd Graduate Bitch.
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog.

Saturday 26th March 
Scottish Breeds Champ Show.
Judge -  Bitches : Mr Ron Hare (Ronjilair)
 Roxy, VHC Limit Bitch.
 Betty, VHC Junior & 3rd Undergraduate Bitch.

Saturday 2nd April
Northern Golden Retriever Association Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Mrs Sue Norris (Molestream),
Bitches : Mrs Hazel Gripton (Nojaze)
 Roxy, 2nd Limit Bitch.
Rio, 3rd Mid Limit Dog.

Sunday 3rd April
Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Mr A Scott (Largymore),
Bitches : Mrs D Rose (Gaytonwood)
Betty , 3rd Special Yearling & 1st Undergraduate Bitch.
Rio, 1st Mid Limit Dog
& RCC ! (His Fourth RCC),
this win qualifies Rio out Mid Limit.
Roxy, 1st Limit Bitch & CC 
- the magical third CC !! , RBIS.

Saturday 9th April
GRCS Champ Show.
Judge - Dogs : Mr W Orzel (Braxton)
Rio, 2nd Mid Limit Dog

Sunday 10th April
NWGRC Champ Show.
Judge - Dogs : Mr D Taylor (Olyjen)
Rio, 1st Mid Limit Dog 
 & CC !!, RBIS

Saturday 30th April
Tay Valley Gundog Association Open Show
Judge - Mr J Shaw (Akenscales)
Betty - 1st Post Graduate Bitch & Best Bitch
Rio - 1st Open dog, Best Dog & Best Of Breed

Sunday 1st May
GRCN Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Freda Garget, Bitches : Pat Rowark
Special Classes : Karen Little.
Rio, 3rd Mid Limit Dog
Roxy, VHC Limit Bitch & 2nd Special Open

Saturday 14th May
Perth Open Show
Judge - Mr J McCulloch (Cullmadons)
Betty - 2nd Graduate

Saturday 21st MaySKC Champ Show.
Judge: Mr J Connor (Pinellas) 
 Betty, 2nd  Yearling & Reserve Undergraduate Bitch

Saturday 28th May
Carluke & District Open Show
Judge - Marc Wheeldon (Catnnels)
Betty - 2nd Special Yearling

Saturday 4th June
Dundee Open Show
Judge - Lynn Bufton
Rio - 2nd Open Dog

Saturday 12th June
GRCS Open Show
Judge - Dr Antonio Lopez Noguera (Ria Vela)
Rio - Reserve Open Dog
Betty - 2nd Yearling Bitch

Sunday 19th June
Border Union Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Mrs P Wilson (Pearlbarn)
Rio, 2nd Limit Dog.

Saturday 3rd July
South West Scotland Gundog Open Show
Judge - Mrs Melissa Loverock (Lovissa)
Betty - 1st Yearling Bitch

Sunday 10th July
East Of England Champ Show.
Judge - Mrs P Tuck
Betty , 3rd Special Yearling Bitch
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
& RCC ! (His Fifth RCC).

Saturday 27th August
SKC Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs : Mr J Thirlwell (Ferndel)
Rio, Reserve Limit Dog.

Sunday 25th September
ECGRC Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs: Mrs C Bawden (Darthill)
Bitches: Mr Jose Doval
Betty , VHC Undergraduate Bitch
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
& CC ! (His 2nd CC).

Saturday 1st October
Joint Club's Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs: Mrs J Grimmett (Haydene)
Bitches: Mrs E. Walker (Gloi)
Roxy , 3rd Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Limit Dog

Wednesday 12th October
Gundog Society Of Wales Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs: Mr R Maynard
Bitches: Mrs Margaret Woods
Roxy , 3rd Open Bitch
Rio, 2nd Limit Dog
Betty, 1st Undergraduate Bitch

Sunday 6th November
BDCGRC Champ Show.
Judges - Dogs: Mrs P Bevis
Bitches: Mrs G Gargan
Roxy , 3rd Open Bitch
Rio, VHC Limit Dog
Betty, 2nd Undergraduate Bitch

Saturday 12th November
GBAS Champ Show.
Judges - Bitches: Mrs Ruth Scholz (Germany)
Dogs: Mr Richard Stafford JP
Roxy , VHC Open Bitch
Rio, 1st Limit Dog
Betty, 1st Graduate Bitch

Saturday 26th November
Land O'Burns Open Show
Judge - Mrs Leslie List (Haydengold)
Betty - 1st Post Graduate

Sunday 4th December
West Lothian Open Show
Judge - Sally Hayward (Glenlomond)
Betty - 1st Post Graduate Bitch, BB & BOB

Sunday 18th December
Cambuslang Open Show
Judge - Mr J Millward (Elderfield)
Betty - 3rd Post Graduate


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