Sandti Golden Retrievers
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2019 News

Betty - Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti

Ginny - Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot JW

28th December, Greenock & District Open show
Judge : Mrs Louise Waldron Smith
Ginny: 1st Limit

15th December, Joint GRC Championship show
Judge : Mr Filip Johnson (Dainty's)
Betty: VHC Limit
Ginny: 1st Post Graduate

14th December, LKA Championship show
Judge : Mrs H Mell (Meloak)
Betty: 1st Limit

17th November, Land o'Burns Canine Club Open Show

Judge : Ms M Grady (Glenrioch)
Betty: 1st Open
Ginny : 1st Post Graduate + BOB
& Group 3
(Mr Biggs (Kiahmist) )

9th November, GBAS Championship show
Judge : Mr Wayne McGrath (Alnclair)
Betty: 1st Mid Limit
(This win qualifies Betty out of Mid Limit)
Ginny : Reserve Graduate 

3rd November, BDCGRC Championship show
Judge : Mrs Janet Buckingham (Lindjan)
Betty: 3rd Limit
Ginny : 1st Graduate 

16th October, Gundog Society of Wales Championship show
Judge : Mrs D J Vernon
Betty:1st Mid Limit & CC (her first) !
Ginny : 3rd Graduate

11th October, South Wales Kennel Association  Championship show
Judge : Pat Easton
Betty: VHC  Limit
Ginny : 1st Graduate 
(This win qualifies Ginny out of Graduate) 

20th September, Driffield Championship show
Judge : Angela Cooper
Betty: VHC  Limit
Ginny : VHC Post Graduate

15th September, Darlington Championship show
Judge : Mr B. Catterall
Betty: VHC Mid Limit
Ginny : 1st Graduate

1st September, City of Birmingham Championship show
Judge : Mr J. Richardson
Betty: 1st Limit + RCC !

25th August, SKC Championship show
Judge : Mrs P. Lane-Ridyard
Betty: 1st Limit

7th August, URC Championship show
Judge : Mrs A. Richardson (Darrochonna)
Betty: 1st Mid Limit

22nd June, Blackpool Championship show
Judge : Mr Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden)
Ginny: Reserve Graduate

15th June, Border Union Championship show
Judge : Mrs G Gargan (Siagar)
Ginny: 1st Graduate

9th June, GRCS Open Show
Judge : Ian Briggs (Largymore)
Ginny: 1st Graduate Bitch + Reserve Best Bitch In Show.

2nd June, Dundee Open Show
Judge : Ali Stansfield (Roxali)
Ginny: 1st Graduate Bitch + Best Bitch.
3rd AV Gundog Graduate, Judge : Fiona Thrum

12th May, National Dog Championship show
Judge : Mr Jan-Erik Ek
Ginny: 1st Graduate

5th May, GRCN Championship show
Judge : Mrs P. Leonard (Wynrita)
Ginny: 2nd Graduate

14th April, NWGRC Championship show
Judge : Mr B. Facq (Du Bois De La Rayere)
Betty: 3rd Mid Limit

13th April, GRCS Championship show
Judge : Mrs F. Clarkson (Drumkilty)
Betty: VHC Mid Limit
Ginny: 3rd Yearling

7th April, YGRC Championship show
Judge : Mr C. Woodward(Wadeson)
Betty: VHC Mid Limit

30th March, Scottish Breeds Championship show
Judge : Mrs B Stokes(Jobeka)
Betty: 2nd Limit

23rd Mar, GBAS Open show
Judge : Marijana Racic (Croatia)
Ginny : 2nd Graduate Bitch
Betty: 2nd  Open  Bitch

17th Feb, GRCW Championship show
Judge : Mr M Greenwood (Telkaro)
Betty: 2nd Mid Limit

2nd Feb, Caledonian Open show
Judge : Mr T Gorian (Querdon)
Betty: 2nd Open

26th Jan, Kirkintilloch & Lenzie Open show
Judge : Joanne O'Neil
Ginny : Reserve Graduate
Betty: 3rd Open

5th Jan, Kilmarnock Open show
Judge : Emma Craig
Ginny : 2nd Post Graduate
Betty: 1st Open + BOB
Gundog Group 3 , Judge Mrs K Jenkinson (Eastriding)


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